West coast modern styling and bold, playful patterns have come together in The Traverse Collection by Vancouver designers Lemonni and Willow & Stump Furniture Design. The collaboration features functional ash furniture with a variety of textile accents.

The partnership came about when Annie Chen of LEMONNI met Kaly Ryan and Bram Sawatzky of Willow & Stump Furniture Design at IDS Vancouver 2016. The three were excited to nd a way to showcase a shared appreciation for clean, modern design with playful features. Annie’s experience with pattern, graphic design, and textiles, along with Kaly and Bram’s woodworking and Industrial Design background allowed the team to explore new mediums and design ideas while still maintaining separate roles in the project. Collaboration has been essential to Kaly & Bram’s work, as they both contribute to every piece of furniture they make. Adding Annie into the mix proved to be a great way to push the furniture design process in new and unexpected directions.

The result is a five-piece collection that marries wood and pattern in new and exciting ways while maintaining values of quality craftsmanship, local production, and functionality.