The Traverse tray is a unique home accent perfect for organizing and containing small objects. The small opening in the tray allows for easy cord management when using it as a holder for electronics.


The Traverse Convertible Ottoman is a versatile piece perfect for a small or dynamic living space. It functions both as a coffee table and an ottoman, and can transition between the two with ease, eliminating the need for extra pieces of furniture. In addition to its functionality as both a coffee table and a foot rest, the Traverse Ottoman can be used as seating for up to two people and the shelf underneath provides storage.


The Traverse Shelf is a simple wall unit that provides storage without taking up floor space. Hanging from a single wall hook, the decorative yet sturdy cloth sides of the Traverse Shelf provide a sleek and elegant shelving system to store everything from books to your favorite scotch.


The Traverse Pendant is a linear ash fixture with a unique fabric diffuser that provides warm ambience. Available in three orientations, horizontal, vertical and standing, the Traverse Pendant can be adapted for a variety of spaces including arrangements in multiples. The fabric diffuser is available in 5 different patterns.