I started to sell calendars featuring my pattern designs since 2014. 2017 Calendar would be my fourth one. Each year I tried to use 12 different patterns that I designed throughout the year. In the beginning I was only designing patterns for fun, then it was turned into a handmade business, and now I'm designing more and more prints for licensing. I would not have imagined this few years ago. 

The calendars have always been the best-seller in my shop. This year I've sold one 2017 Calendar even before it was designed and listed! At that moment I realized, " Wow, people do like my designs!" So I made the new calendar available early this year. Hopefully there will be more sold!

It's an amazing feeling looking back on the previous calendars and the designs. Here are some of them:



Pineapple Round Tote

A fun sewing project that I made with my watercolour pineapple design. I've never made a round bag like this, so it was definitely a challenge for me. I made some mistakes along the way but it ended up looking fine! The only thing is that I had to change the strap to two straps – one fixed on each side – because the weight distribution distort the shape with the original handle position (as pictured). So, always test your bag with something inside it before you sew the handles!  I got my lesson learned... 

New LEMONNI Mini Binders

Now you can get these mini binders with some of LEMONNI's classic prints on

The binders have matte finish and are smaller than the common letter-size binders. They're small enough to fit into your purse but big enough to hold 125 pages! The inside features a different design from the outside, and there are 4 different styles available. 

For Canadian fellows, the binders will be available on pretty soon! Stay tuned!

Surtex 2016

We were back to NYC for our second Surtex show! I can't believe it's been a year already! The show ran from May 15-17. This time, we only spent a day setting up prior to the show.

Last year, we used printed banners to cover most of the panels. This year, I wanted to do something different (and we were on a tight budget). So I used a mix of newsprint posters, fabric banners, prints with cardboard backings, tapestries, as well as my products to decorate the booth. Originally I was worried that the white background would be ugly, but it turned out to be alright. A lot of visitors told me that it's refreshing to see my artworks on different materials because they really popped! 

I also made sure this year that I would be wearing clothes with my own prints, since last year when I wore a Dusen Dusen dress, people asked me if that was my design... (oops no...) So this year long before the show, I had been planning what I'm going to wear during that three days. I ended up ordering a skirt from Print All over Me with my Mod Flower design, and made my own blouse and tunic with my Lighthouse design (which took A LOT of time). But it was worth the effort! Some people even asked me if I'm going to sell my own clothes!

The artist community at Surtex is pretty amazing. Everyone was so nice and so generous to share their knowledge about the show. It's a great opportunity to network and learn. We were also very excited to see some of the exhibitors that we met last year! It almost felt like a reunion of some kind! 

Besides making new business contacts, it was a great opportunity to reconnect with our current clients and show them our new work. We also had some "returned" visitors from last year, and everyone was so excited to see each other again. 

Overall, I would say it was pretty successful as last year. We certainly had a blast at the show (thanks to my supportive husband, who claimed that he's going to organize a husband club next year at the show), and we will be back! 

First Book!

I got this book in my mailbox right before 2015 ended. I felt so honoured to be included in this book published by Uppercase along with other 66 makers around the world. 

When I first started this venture, I had a lot of doubt in myself (don't we all!?) I never would've imagined my work being published one day. It's certainly a big step for me. I feel very blessed to have so much support from my friends and family, and to be able to do what I love. Although my focus has since shifted from production to design, I will continue to create.

Check out more about the book: The Uppercase Compendium of Craft & Creativity.

Let's Print Some Whales!

Last week I finally picked up my lino blocks and carving knives, and created this print based on my Sperm Whale design. I haven't done block printing for a long, long time. It reminded me how much I love working with inks and printing by hand! 

If you're interested in the process, here are some really good tutorials done by artist Geninne. She uses stamp pads for inking. It's super easy and less messy. I used screen printing inks. It could be a bit messier but you can create endless combinations of colours. If you want to do this properly, you can also use inks that are specific for block printing. 

Copies of the prints are now available in my shop!

Surtex 2015

Yes we did it! We had a blast at our very first art/design licensing show! We have met so many wonderful people from all over the world (and folks from Canada too)! At first I thought I would feel intimidated because I'm new, but not at all! All the exhibitors and visitors are so friendly and welcoming. The experience gave me a boost of encouragement! 

And of course, a big thank to my hubby, Hubert, who's behind the camera documenting the whole process; who's a great sales person, assistant, as well as handyman. I feel so lucky to have extra help! If you have met Hubert at the show, thanks for tolerating his jokes!